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What’s your favourite TV advert?

By Alppy Valdez

Television advertising, or TV advert, is one of my favourite ways of promotion. From promotion of a product or a brand to promotion of an environmental responsibility action. The use of TV adverts is a unique way to attract people’s attention because it has the ability to convey the message with a mix of vision, motion and sound. Despite disadvantages such as comparatively high costs and production difficulties, TV adverts have always been popular.

Every time when I am outside the city or country I always spend some time watching TV, including the advertising blocks. I am interested in TV adverts, because I want to understand how creative people create something that can draw people’s attention. How do they make a TV advert that “different” from competitors’ television adverts? How do they make their adverts eye catching, memorable, and understandable? How do they know which adverts fit the target audience best? And most important; how do they meet the advertiser’s objectives?

I have been living in the Netherlands for about 3 years and I have seen many nice, good and interesting TV adverts. But, there was one advert that I gave two thumbs up! The advert starts with guitar sound, upbeat music and a famous singer. The advert’s main objective was to promote the corporate’s environmental responsibility, but it also mentioned the company’s characteristics, i.e., low prices and fresh veggies & fruits. Lastly, the advert did not forget to include local content by mentioning ‘Dutch potatoes’ and featuring the Dutch singer George Baker.

Copy this link to watch my favorite TV advert:

What’s your favourite advert?     

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