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Ryan Bromley: Taste in Art: *the symbolism of flavours*

Taste in Art: *the symbolism of flavours*

Date: Thursday March 28, 2013

Time: from 12:30 to 13:30

Location: E2.18

Organisation: Non-nativeness in communication and Persuasive Communication

Speaker: Ryan Bromley

Contemporary art communicates through a language of symbols and concepts. While we learn a vast vocabulary of visual symbols, we do not devote muchattention to semantic associations experienced through the senses of taste and smell.

This talk explores the potential for the sense of taste to participate in contemporary art practice by considering a ‘symbolism of flavours’. What do our experiences with flavours tell us about ourselves, our cultures and the world that we live in? Can flavours be manipulated to convey complex concepts? And, if so, how can we expressthese concepts in non-visual works of art?

Contact: Béryl Hilberink and Ulrike Nederstigt

Phone number: 024-3612875

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