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CLS Persuasion @ ICA 2016


Ook dit jaar is onze onderzoeksgroep weer goed vertegenwoordigd op de ICA Annual Conference (Fukuoka, 9-13 juni 2016) met een aantal mooie presentaties:


Vrijdag 10 juni


Hans Hoeken, Matthijs Kolthoff, José Sanders:
Story Perspective and Character Similarity as Drivers of Identification and Narrative Persuasion


Anika Batenburg:
Keeping Up Online Appearances: How Self-Disclosure on Facebook Affects Perceived Reputation and Likability Among Colleagues


Zaterdag 11 juni


Celine Klemm, Enny Das, Tilo Hartmann:
Journalistic Role Perceptions in Public Health Crises


Enny Das:
In the mood to be transported: Mood effects on transportation and persuasion for narrative and rhetorical health messages


Zondag 12 juni


Anika Batenburg:
Healthcare Workers Sharing Knowledge Online: Motivations and Consequences of Participating in Virtual Communities of Practice


Anika Batenburg:
The Bigger Picture: Do Peer-Led Online Support Communities Contribute to Breast Cancer Patients’ Psychological Well-Being?


Maandag 13 juni


Liza van Lent, Hande Sungur, Enny Das:
Too Far to Care? The Role of Psychological Proximity in Public Attention and Fear for Ebola

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