Meaning, Culture and Cognition

Centre for Language Studies | Faculty of Arts | Radboud University Nijmegen

Workshop: Exploring the senses

Date: Wednesday January 14th
Time: 9:30 – 17ː30
Location:  Grotiusgebouw, Room 1.116

The research group “Meaning, culture and cognition” organizes a workshop “Exploring the senses” together with the Institute for African Studies, University of Cologne. The workshop brings together speakers from various research fields who will present on languages such as Egyptian, Cuzco Quechua, Maniq, Cherang’any, Kuteb, Wolof, Maaka, and Dutch. By discussing different approaches and case studies, we are hoping to explore new ideas and perspectives for the study of the language of perception.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please send an email as soon as possible to Josje de Valk as only limited space is available.


Asifa Majid (Radboud University) & Anne Storch (University of Cologne)

Meaning, Culture & Cognition


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